Empower the future with cutting-edge power management strategies.

Power management is critical for any modern electronic device, driven by the demands for energy efficiency and low-power operation in almost every design. Farnell recognises these demands and features the latest edition of " e-TechJournal, 'The Future of Power'. " This journal delves deeply into the most recent developments and emerging technologies that are shaping the power management landscape. It provides knowledge and expert insights that can benefit engineers, designers, and power management professionals. Whether you want to unlock new efficiencies, optimise your system designs, or stay ahead of emerging trends, this publication will help you get there.

Read about:

  • Optimising Backup Power with Supercapacitor Voltage Balancing
  • Boosting Energy Storage with Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
  • Powerful Possibilities with Microchip SiC
  • Protecting BESSs with Comprehensive Circuit Strategy
  • Get to The Root of Battery Failures
  • Maximising Battery Life with Modern Op-Amps

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