Infineon’s Automotive Smart High-Side Switches, Low-Side Switches and Gate Drivers are driving the next generation of automotive power distribution architecture with their outstanding protection and diagnostic features, like over temperature protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, high current sense accuracy, and enhanced energy and thermal capability.

In the past, the Power Distribution Box was designed with relays and fuses to connect and disconnect the battery to the loads and modules. To replace faulty relays or fuses, the box had to be located at easy accessible areas of the car. A plain box full of mechanical relays and fuses is no longer able to fulfill the growing functional and safety requirements.

Today, the Power Distribution Box is evolving. Relays and fuses are replaced by semiconductors with the advantage to add intelligence to it as well as integrating new functions for the Power Distribution Box. It also removes the accessibility requirement, thanks to its newly enhanced component protection and reliability and therefore enables the optimization of the wire harness to be shorter, thinner and less complex.

The functional and safety requirements of a power distribution center are growing proportionally with the functional and architectural complexity of automated driving.

Infineon’s Automotive protected Smart Switches (PROFET™+2 12V and HITFET™+) and Automotive Gate Drivers have been developed to respond to the changing needs and new challenges of the Power Distribution Box.

Key Features:

  • High current sense accuracy
  • Enhanced energy and thermal capability
  • High Design flexibility
  • Very fast switching capability
  • Enhanced protection and diagnostic features

Key Applications:

  • Relay and Fuse replacement
  • Junction Box PTC heater
  • Windshield and rear defrost
  • Auxilliary Power Outlet
  • Trailer Node
  • Smart Starter Control
  • Fuel Pump

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