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No time for downtime – motor drive and control solutions from Broadcom, keeping motors moving for over 30 years

Broadcom offers a wide range of product solutions for motor drive and control subsystems. Delivering superior efficiency, reliability and accuracy with unmatched protection.

As industries worldwide gear up for Industry 4.0, there is a renewed focus on energy efficiency for electric motors, which places new technical challenges at the component level concerning power, size, performance, reliability and safety. Modern motors are expected to drive more current while delivering high efficiency, reliability and accuracy with optimal high voltage protection.
Broadcom has amassed a unique portfolio of products like optocouplers, fiber optic solutions and motion control encoders, that address the various technical challenges faced by motor system designers today. There is no time for downtime!

Motor drive & control solutions

motor drive control solution

Broadcom advantage in factory automation/motor control


  • Optical and magnetic encoders meet stringent positioning and velocity sensing requirements in industrial drives.
  • Multi-turn absolute encoders integrate patented Energy Harvesting technology for maintenance free operation.
  • Compact size and hollow shaft designs offer maximum space savings.


  • Highly integrated gate drive optocouplers reduce system BOM costs, size and power while increasing inverter efficiency.
  • Isolation amplifiers with integrated sigma delta technology enable effective control and fault management in current and voltage sensing applications.
  • Unmatched high voltage isolation and compliance to safety standards.

Fiber optic components and transceivers

  • Fiber optic short link family provides certified high voltage on-board isolation
  • Versatile link Tx/Rx components offer real-time monitoring and adjustment of power transistor switching rates in IGBT controllers.
  • Extended temperature, low power, fiber optic transceivers offer best signal integrity in noisy factory automation environments.


  • Compact, highly integrated ToF sensors are ideal for detection, switching and distance measurements commonly found in factory automation.
  • Robust industrial grade solutions offer advantages over commercial grade products.
  • Proximity and gesture sensors can be easily integrated into human machine interfaces.

LED’s and displays

  • Long history of industrial grade components for indicator and display applications in factory automation.
  • Newest portfolio of infrared LEDs and detectors offer optimum performance in safety curtain and general object detection systems.

Broadcom industrial products

Optocouplers for high reliability and safety in your system

  • Gate drive optocouplers for driving IGBT and SiC/GaN MOSFETs in inverter applications
  • Isolation amplifiers for current and voltage measurement in motor drive subsystems

10A- Gate drivers

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50mV- Current sensor

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Voltage sensors

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Ultra stretch packages

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Robust encoders for precision feedback

  • High accuracy absolute and incremental encoders for positional feedback in factory automation

Magnetic encoders

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Absolute optical encoders

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Encoders with EHMT technology

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Industrial fiber communication for best signal integrity in noisy factory automation environments

  • Fiber optic and copper transceivers for Ethernet communication in factory networks with real-time monitoring and operation in high temperature environments
  • Fiber optic short link and versatile Link transmitters and receivers for communication in high transient voltage applications

UPGRADE versatile Link - AFBR-1xxx

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UPGRADE versatile Link - AFBR-2xxx

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Fiber optic shortlink

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LEDs, displays and sensors for human machine interfaces & safety applications

  • Long history of industrial grade components for indicator and display applications in factory automation
  • Infrared LEDs and detectors offer optimum performance in safety curtain and general object detection systems


White paper

Achieve fast and accurate over-current detection using optically coupled sigma-delta modulators

In an industrial motor control system, sensing and feedback of various parameters such as motor phase, DC bus current and voltage, torque, direction, and speed are required for proper operation of the system. As the trend of the system moves towards higher precision, power, speed, multi-axis, and multi-directional, these requirements become increasingly important. As the motor encoder measures the torque, speed, and direction, the sigma-delta modulator provides high accuracy, high linearity, wide dynamic range, fast-response current, and voltage sensing.

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Broadcom optocouplers

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