Industrial Smart Sensors

Today, sensors are vital to any modern-day Internet of Things (IoT) application. They serve as the eyes and ears in an ecosystem of connected devices, gathering critical information about their surroundings that then allows them to make decisions. Efficient manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art automotive, innovative medical products, smart power supply systems, or user-friendly building services – none would be conceivable without sensors.

Industry 4.0 requires automation, and as automation develops, so does the demand for more advanced intelligent smart sensors. Focusing on increasing the energy effectiveness and productivity of industrial processes is a response to the intensifying pace of technological advancement. Cutting maintenance costs by continuously monitoring machine and plant components is another crucial area (condition monitoring).

Such sensing and device monitoring functionality can be delivered at various levels of integration based on the number of different sensor types included in a single package or sensor module. Determining the right types of sensors for your application, selecting the optimal technical characteristics such as precision, range of operation, and speed, and ensuring interoperability with the design balance is no easy task.

In this latest edition of eTechJournal "Industrial Smart Sensors", we look at how sensor technology advancements are enabling smart industrial automation to enable rapid Industrial IoT: 

  • The Advantages of Rapid Industrial IoT
  • Pressure Sensors: Design Considerations and Technology options
  • The Advantages of Digital Pressure Sensors in Industrial Applications
  • How To Simplify Your Next Thermocouple Design
  • Indoor Air Quality: Changing The Future With Smart Sensor Systems

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